Book News: November 5th, 2009

By Mark Wiskup

Communication is the key to success when you manage other people. But it’s not enough to just communicate; you have to communicate in the right way to get the results you want from your people and teams. In Don’t Be That Boss, the author shows how effective communication with colleagues and workers can create a healthy, productive, happy work environment.

The story follows two leaders through a typical workday and all their communications, including meetings, conferences, one-on-one discussions, break room banter, phone calls, and even emails. Based on real situations you’ll probably recognize, you’ll watch as two committed, intelligent people take different approaches to communication and reap very different results. Along the way, you’ll realize what good communication is and how it works.

The book shows that how you communicate in the office is just as important as what you communicate. It also explains why excellent communication skills are vital to individual and organizational success.

Published by Jossey Bass. ISBN: 978-0-470-48585-9. US $21.95