Book News: January 26th, 2010

Power is what enables people to live the life they choose. The Map uses an index of 8 measures of power to rank the ability of people across all 628 British constituencies to control their life and influence society – their ‘everyday’ power’. It uses a ‘composite indicator’, bringing the different indicator of citizens’ power together into one overall index. The power score for each constituency is the sum of the eight indicators, with a maximum power score of 100. It divides the results into 5 ‘power leagues’ from Very High to Very Low.

The Power Gap measured a range of factors to produce the first map of power across Britain and reveals the deepest inequality to be between ghettoes of powerless urban people and clusters of powerful people, mostly in southern and rural areas. As the main political parties compete to champion giving power back to people, the research demonstrates the scale of the challenge facing the next Government.

The Power Gap is available from DEMOS.