Book News: March 4th, 2010

This Guide from the Royal Society for Public Health in partnership with the National Social Marketing Centre, seeks to promote use of the best methods of promoting health. It uses the latest understanding of how support can be given to people to make healthy choices as individuals within the social and environmental contexts in which they live.

It aims to assist NHS and Local Authority commissioners in the development of speci?cations and contracts for programmes to improve the health and well-being of local populations, and reduce health inequalities, as part of World Class Commissioning.

Over the past five years, a quiet revolution has been underway in health promotion and social marketing. Regenerated and revitalised, they can help us to have much greater impact on the immensely challenging health problems of our time, use our scarce resources wisely to greatest effect, and deliver our performance targets. Therefore it is essential to invest in health promotion and social marketing. Commissioners have an important role in facilitating and mobilising change for social good.

GUIDE FOR WORLD CLASS COMMISSIONING is available from the Society.