Book News: May 20th, 2010

By Renie McClay

The author offers practical advice for getting past barriers to team success. The focus is on both team members and team leaders. The book provides a wealth of assessments and tools to help implement the steps and chart progress along the way.

Most projects or initiatives in today’s organizations begin with the formation of a team. Teams need to be able to connect quickly, determine what needs to be done, identify obstacles and overcome them, and meet deadlines and goals. Positive collaboration is essential. Yet the majority of resources available for this core activity are long on description and short on implementation.

The author offers a holistic, process-oriented approach and the book carefully guides readers through building strong new teams and improving even the best existing ones. There are extensive assessments and tools created just for this book to help identify roles on the team, improve communication, track progress, encourage creativity, work virtually, deal with problems, celebrate success, and more.

Each of the ten steps has content and specific tips for leaders and team members. This is no accident. Being a great team member plays just as important a role in the success of any team effort as being a great leader. This book can be used by individuals on a team or by the entire team as a developmental tool.

Published by Berrett Koehler ISBN 9781607283638. $13.97