Book News: June 3rd, 2010

By Jared Bernstein

The new century has brought a host of economic and social challenges. The author argues that a more collaborative approach is needed to meet this situation and he outlines a new collaborative strategy. The message is simple: we’re all in this together.

Bernstein draws on recent and historic events to explore how the proponents of what he dubs the YOYO (you’re-on-your-own) approach have sold the idea. More importantly, he details practical WITT (we’re-in-this-together) initiatives in specific areas like, healthcare and employment that could improve lives without increasing overall national spending. And he offers advice on how to overcome objections to the WITT agenda and bring the country together so that both risks and benefits are shared more fairly.

The optimistic message of All Together Now is that the economic challenges we face are not insoluble; we can wield the tools of government to meet them in such a way as to build a more just and equitable society.

Published by Berrett Koehler. ISBN 9781576759486. $8.40