Book News: June 8th, 2010

By Shaun Belding

In today’s work environment, it is essential to get ahead and get noticed. We do have control over our success in life – we have an opportunity, every day, to change the odds in our favour.

Win at Work covers all the areas that we can change and take into our own hands such as winning with people, winning in the workplace, and making great impressions.

Each section contains approximately 20 short snappy chapters with research references from a number of countries and anecdotal stories from the author’s experiences around the world. The ideal career won’t just fall in your lap. It takes work. You have to make it happen. In general, everyone wants the same thing: a challenging, interesting job that pays well. It sounds easy enough but, as anyone who’s been in the workforce for a while knows, it can feel more like an elusive dream.

Don’t be discouraged! There are a few easy steps you can take to help you achieve the career success you deserve.

Don’t allow yourself to blend in with the masses. At the office, you need to make your presence known. Express yourself by voicing your opinions, sharing your thoughts and contributing in a productive way. Work on improving your communication skills to help you articulate your views in the most professional and positive way possible.

It’s impossible to succeed if you fear change. You must be flexible and willing to try new things. The world is constantly growing and shifting. New technologies emerge and professionals must quickly adapt. You must be open to new ideas in order to keep up.

Expanding your skills set will always benefit you and improve your chances for professional success. Do everything you can to continue learning throughout your career. Take classes, read books, attend conferences and participate in workshops often. Remember that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling behind. You have to constantly be building your abilities and looking towards the future.

Published by Kogan Page. £10.99