Book News: June 10th, 2010

By Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker.

Family educators and parenting consultants have found there is little to no understanding by most parents of attachment theory: that every child is born with a drive to form a close emotional relationship with the mother and father that could result in devastating effects if those needs are not met. They have found that too much advice is based on opinion, not sound research, which has often proven harmful to the child and the parent-child relationship.

Our culture can be toxic to children and many children don’t feel any true connection to their families, their schools or their communities. This is why are there increasing numbers of children experiencing depression, anxiety, aggression and other serious mental, emotional and behavioral problems? Mental health experts agree this crisis is due largely to their lack of substantive connectedness to parents and community. This crucial finding requires a major shift in societal attitudes and our treatment of children.

The authors provide parents with the tools they need to develop and maintain close emotional relationships with their children based on a foundation of a deeper understanding about the role of ‘attachment’ in breaking the cycles of family dysfunction.

By presenting the ‘big picture’ to parents and professionals, ‘Attached at the Heart’ is supported by some of the most recent scientific evidence, busting some of the most popular parenting myths and providing simple strategies for parents to help them in implementing the eight principles on a day to day basis.

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