Book News: June 17th, 2010

By Deanna Zandt.

The Internet is upending hierarchies and freeing the flow of information in a way that makes the invention of the printing press seem like an historical footnote. Share This! shows how to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to make marginalized voices heard and support real, fundamental change—and, incidentally, have some fun doing it.

Social networks can be powerful tools for changing the world. Both regular folks of a progressive bent and committed activists can learn how to go beyond swapping movie reviews and vacation photos, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The author shows how both activists and the casually progressive can leverage the power of social networks for social change. She helps readers maintain credibility, establish new connections, deal with common fears, and have a good time. She is authoritative but aggressively non-technical—like talking to a real person with a great sense of humor who really knows her stuff.

Progressives need to get on social networks and share their stories, join conversations, connect with others and not just others exactly like themselves. It’s vital to reach out across all those ethnic, gender, preference, class, and age lines that exist even within the progressive camp. The author delves into exactly what people are and are not looking for in online exchanges.

Published by Barnes & Noble ISBN 9781605094168 $11.87