Book News: July 8th, 2010

By C Huxam and S Vangen

Collaboration between organizations, whether on the same or different continents, can address issues such as economic development, health, the environment, risk sharing, supply chain efficiency and human resource management. It is an activity that touches almost every aspect of business and social life.

The authors of Managing to Collaborate combine rigorous theory with practical examples to create a one-stop resource for students, academics and managers studying or working in collaboration.

The key features of the book include the theory drawn directly from practice and a coherently developed understanding of the challenges in collaboration based on careful research.

They point to the work of Long and Arnold who suggest various typologies for a partnership based on what they seek to achieve. For example some partnerships may seek to defuse a situation whilst others may seek to generate mutually beneficial returns for all partners. What unites them all however is the notion of collaborative advantage: that something can be achieved that could not have been achieved by one of the organisations acting on their own.

Published by Routledge. ISBN 0-415-33920-0, 978-0-415-33920-9. £27.43