Book News: October 27th, 2010

By Christian Bason

In a time of unprecedented turbulence, how can public sector organisations increase their ability to find innovative solutions to society’s problems? “Leading public sector innovation” shows how government agencies can use co-creation to overcome barriers and deliver more value, at lower cost, to citizens and business.

Through inspiring global case studies and practical examples, the book addresses the key triggers of public sector innovation. It shares new tools for citizen involvement through design thinking and ethnographic research, and pinpoints the leadership roles needed to drive innovation at all levels of government. “Leading public sector innovation” is essential reading for public managers and staff, social innovators, business partners, researchers, consultants and others with a stake in the public sector of tomorrow.

This book is very timely, drawing on examples from around the world and showing how public services can work with citizens to create better, and more cost effective, solutions to their needs. Most public agencies prefer to talk about innovation than to do it for real: but the pressures of the deficit reduction crisis mean that this is no longer a serious option.

Published by Policy Press. ISBN 9781847426338. £17.59