Book News: March 2nd, 2011

This report analyses the challenge that communities face in the north west region. It was commissioned by North West Together We Can and delivered by the Centre for Local Economic organisations. The CLES identified the key roles for community anchor organisations in their localities and the approaches and linkages which are important in delivering results in the face of some of the challenges facing contemporary society.

Anchor organisations are important for economic development and for social economics. They can provide a range of activities which stimulate local monetary and social economies as well as promoting volunteering opportunities which stimulate active citizenship and civic participation. They can also provide a forum and venue for neighbourhood focused discussions and support the activities and sustainability of other local voluntary and community groups.

Increasingly they are able to deliver services on behalf of local government and other public service providers which both meet a local needs and offer value for money. Working with local government in this way allows them to become involved in strategic decision making with the wider third sector and the Local Strategic Partnership.

Anchor organisations are also well placed to bring together diverse groups and those most marginalised in society. They can provide both long and short term support across a range of themes for the most organisations to their communities in the region and help in analysing the challenges they face.