Book News: April 20th, 2011

By Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler

In Empowered, Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler provide real-world examples of how innovative leaders, and their teams, use technology to solve customer problems. We call them HEROes — highly empowered and resourceful operatives. They’re people like John Bernier and Ben Hedrington at Best Buy, who built an army of 2,500 tweeting employees to reach out to customers online.

The book is full of tools and hard data and includes the four-step IDEA process to transform your customer-facing service and mobile applications. It describes how your IT department can become the trusted partner for your organisation’s employee- and business-led technology innovation.

It also contains the key techniques for collaboration systems that take off, instead of fizzling on the launch pad.

There are case studies and examples to show how the theory is put into practice.

Published by Harvard Business School Press. ISBN-10: 9781422155639. £18.45