Book News: April 27th, 2011

By Colonel Bob Stewart.

Colonel Bob Stewart believes leading under pressure is as great a challenge as it can get, and he should know. Having served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, where he was British battalion commander, he has faced life and death situations and the toughest decisions any leader can make.

In the book he draws on his experiences, both in the army and in business, and uses them to illustrate the key attributes he believes any leader should have. In this very personal view of leadership, you can find out how to maintain morale in tough times, deal with a crisis, show courage to colleagues and lead others by your example, whilst discovering the importance of planning for a VIP visit and how to negotiate with a warlord.

Full of eye opening stories and frontline details, Leadership Under Pressure, is a must read for any aspiring leader – or those already in command!

Published by Kogan Page. ISBN: 9780749456559. £14.99.