Book News: June 14th, 2011

By William Tate.

Stop polishing the fish and tackle the water they swim in!

The author shows why it is naive to expect much leadership from individual managers acting alone. Only when we start to see leadership as a property of the organisation can we begin to improve it.

William Tate pulls no punches in his examination of leadership in business, politics and institutions like the police and the Health Service. Using forensic analysis, cogent argument and damning case studies, he shows why conventional leadership models and programmes miss the point and waste our money. In their place he presents a proven and practical ‘Systems Thinking’ approach that will transform the way leadership is developed, applied and held accountable for delivering results.

The Search for Leadership is a comprehensive study of the way leadership operates in organisations. The book is split into two parts – the Thinking Challenge addresses the theory of systemic leadership while the Intervention Challenge tackles the practicalities of implementing a systemic approach to leadership and leadership development in any organisation.

Published by Triarchy pres. ISBN: 978-0-9557681-7-0. £28.00