Book News: July 14th, 2011

By James Ogilvy

How do we face the uncertainty and complexity of the future? An overly optimistic perspective can be motivating but easily dismissed as naive or shallow; the pessimistic outlook may be considered to be deeper and more ‘knowing’ but could lead to inaction.

But limiting our visions of the future to simply one or other of these two ‘branches’ would mean adopting a position that is ultimately nothing more than a fatalistic rut.

Facing The Fold is a collection of highly regarded journal essays about how scenario thinking uses the capacious space of the ‘fold’ to encourage thinking around alternative scenarios – to create the future we both want and need.

Scenarios are not predictions, nor are they strategies. Scenarios are stories – narratives of alternative futures, designed to highlight the risks and opportunities involved in specific strategic issues.

Published by Triarchy Press ISBN: 978-1-908009-22-7. £25