Book News: October 19th, 2011

We stand on the doorway of the Relationship Age, says Sabina Spencer. With rapid connections now possible through the internet and digital technology, we feel the links between us more strongly than ever before.

Words like ‘networks’, ‘alliances’, ‘partnerships’ and ‘communities’ reflect our sense of connectedness and require a very different orientation to leadership. We can no longer operate with a divide and conquer mentality, putting self-interest above the common good.

In this groundbreaking and thoughtful book, the author explains that there are seven keys we need to possess if we want to be a source of inspiration to others. She describes how we can establish security, generate passion, share power and inspire love. She also stresses the importance of the voice truth and trusting our intuition.

Published by Random House. EAN 9781846043253. £9.99