Book News: March 7th, 2012

Vincent Barabba argues that decision-making has been one of the principal victims of ‘modern’ thinking.

The ‘analytical’ approach has, of course, brought vaccines, electricity and the internal combustion engine. But, in seeking to break things down into their component parts and improve the parts, governments and businesses continue to make some astonishingly bad decisions.

What’s more, many organizations still pay close attention to ‘decisions’ whilst overlooking the bigger picture: the organizational system within which those decisions get made.

The author sets out to change our ‘analytical’ habit and invites organisations to consider the bigger picture. He explains an elegantly simple approach to making better decisions. He calls this approach ‘The Decision Loom’ and bases it on Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Complexity Theory.

Published by Trearchy Press ISBN: 978-1-908009-44-9. £25.00