Book News: April 20th, 2012


In this guide to forecasting and strategic planning Stephen M. Millett sets out to help organizations cope with an uncertain future. It is a daunting task and in the midst of dealing with the pressures of today it can seem like an impossible one. But building future planning into everyday practices is not only vital, it’s eminently doable.

Managing the Future offers a straightforward and pragmatic approach to strategic planning. It takes an honest look at the limitations of forecasting, and shows (through real-life examples and a wealth of experience) how managers can best use a variety of futuring methods, including scenarios, horizon scanning and trend monitoring.

Future studies and practices emphasize methods, techniques, and tools, but often lack the sound theoretical foundation enjoyed by the natural, and many of the social, sciences. Yet theoretical first principles provide the foundation for solving practical problems – including planning, investing, managing, etc. This book offers, for the first time in print, fundamental principles for futuring and visioning.

The author provides a clear theoretical framework for preparing an organization for the future. He then takes us through the practical steps involved in managing a forward-facing organization, including managing “futuring” and managing “visioning”.

Published by Triarchy Press. ISBN: 978-1-908009-48-7. £25.00