Book News: May 22nd, 2012

Russell Ackoff’s witty and subversive “F/laws of Management” have become well known and widely loved by managers and business students around the world. They cover areas like hierarchy, teams, innovation, motivation and management. The f/laws contradict assumptions often held by managers.

These simple management truths are much more important than the fundamental, but complex, truths revealed by scientists, economists, politicians, or philosophers. The truths these wise thinkers reveal are at most frosting on the cake. The truths presented here are the cake.

Each of the 122 f/laws challenges a received wisdom about management and will get you thinking about the often-unacknowledged realities of work and organizations: what really motivates managers, why organisations are run the way they are, what corporate PR is really for…

Each f/law comes with a page (or so) of Ackoff’s own explanation and illumination – often wandering into delightfully unexpected areas.

Published by Trearchy Press. ISBN: 978-1-908009-53-1. £35.00