Book News: July 18th, 2012

Managing risk is a risky business. In this book Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward provide an in-depth explanation of why it is important to understand and manage underlying uncertainty in all its forms, in order to realise opportunities more fully and enhance performance.

The book is based on a sound conceptual foundation yet developed to meet practical concerns. Project Risk Management has become recognized as a standard work on its subject. It sets out the key issues and concepts involved in effective risk and uncertainty management in a clear and accessibly way, providing a comprehensive discussion of risk management processes set firmly in the context of the project management task as a whole and focused on improving performance.

Essential reading for anyone involved in managing projects–including senior and middle managers, consultants, and practitioners–the Third Edition incorporates discussion of all key developments in the field since the previous edition was published in 2003 and adds new material from the US Project Management Institute to deliver a truly international perspective.

Published by Wiley ISBN 978-0-470-68649-2. 51.90 Euro