Book News: September 26th, 2012

Deepak Chopra sets out a path for unlocking the potential for greatness. He decodes the mysterious qualities that have propelled history’s greatest leaders to the top of the ranks and shrouded them in legend – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Buddha – and provides a hands-on approach to understanding and mastering these qualities.

He sets out the fundamental principles which he believes all leaders should follow. They include a leader is the symbolic soul of the group with inner qualities that determine the outcome of any situation. For every need, the right response can be found. Great leaders can respond to all situations from the higher levels of spirit and those focused only on external goals such as money, victory, or power will fail.

Using well-known examples of great leaders and a clear, concise breakdown of the virtues that a great leader must possess, The Soul of Leadership demystifies leadership and empowers us all to become leaders in our own right – from managing a family crisis to starting our own business.

Published by Rider Books. EAN: 9781846042706. £10.99