Book News: November 5th, 2012

In this book Eric Beaudan describes the ultimate game–changer for reinventing strategy and igniting people.

Whether it was Alexander the Great or Lord Horatio Nelson, the management team at Toyota or Google, the indisputable alchemy of strategy, execution, and leadership led to each?s phenomenal success.

With years of experience assessing and developing executive talent Eric Beaudan examines the essence of such a dynamic mix, summed up as “Creative Execution,” showing how organizations and individuals can attain, or reach for, unheralded levels of success.

Profiling extraordinary leaders and the uncommon leadership tactics that are their hallmark, the book also includes proprietary research and firsthand experiences with clients across the globe, illustrating the principles of Creative Execution in action.

The author details the five elements of Creative Execution, including fostering candid dialogue across the organization, spelling out clear roles and responsibilities, and taking bold action. It includes proprietary research, assessments, and case studies.

With tactics, strategies, and calls to action to help any organization shape and apply the dynamics of Creative Execution, this powerful one–volume manifesto will help any leader get in the trenches, learn firsthand the impact of their decisions, and restore ingenuity, cooperation, and a sense of collective commitment to the workplace.

Published by Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-1-1183-5109-3. £23.99