Book News: November 12th, 2012

Rosie Steeves believe that an executive?s performance can make or break an organistation.

Breaking the Leadership Mold is designed to help senior executives and managers respond to the challenges of today and shed the vestiges of days gone by. In so doing they will better lead and enable their staff, and create a work environment that is healthy, engaging, productive and sustainable.

Based on the author’s extensive research and 35 years? experience in working with local, national and international companies, Breaking the Leadership Mold offers 20 principles that when implemented will ensure that not only is there effective communication throughout the organization, from top to bottom and bottom to top, but also that employees and executives alike contribute to their full potential.

The net result is that the organization wins on every measure. The 20 principles are built on the pillars of case studies, experience and research. Effective leadership becomes ritical in times when organisations face unprecedented challenges and need to be nimble and responsive to change. Breaking the Leadership Mold has proven strategies to empower, unite and galvanize managers and employees –– and their organisation – to enable them to prosper and adapt in a swift–changing environment.

Published by Jossey-Bass. £16.14