Book News: November 20th, 2012

This book from Governance International and the Local Government Information Unit explores moving health from mass production to co-production.

The 24 chapters from major national and international practitioners and thinkers in the field set out a vision for the co-production in health and social care – what it is, why it is a necessity and how to do it.

The chapters provide numerous examples of how public services can collaborate with services users and communities to improve outcomes and discuss the challenges and opportunities that co-production presents.

There is something for everyone in the book, with case studies written by national policy makers, NHS officials, local authority leaders, major service providers in public and third sectors, and expert users.

As one of the authors, Professor Bob Hudson says: “patients, neighbourhoods and communities of interest are central not only to the design of services but also their commissioning, delivery, assessment and continuous development”.

Making Health And Social Care Personal And Local can be down loaded from Governance International.