Book News: December 11th, 2012

Ron Basu shines the spotlight on an aspect of project management that can often be overshadowed by the pressure to deliver on time and on budget.

Ron Basu’s investigation focuses initially on defining the dimensions of quality in project management and identifying sources of measurement for project excellence. He expands to discuss which tools can be used in the quest for project excellence; and the factors and processes critical to project success and maturity. The text also explores how the successes of supply chain management, Lean Thinking and Six Sigma may be gainfully deployed and offers case study examples.

A shared understanding and implementation of project quality, by those directly involved in project delivery and the project stakeholders will go a long way to ensuring a stable platform for delivering projects of excellence. It is also a fundamental building block in any organization’s strategy for improving consistency and achieving sustainable performance.

Published by Gower ISBN: 978-1-4094-4092-5. £35.55