Book News: February 19th, 2013

In this book Paul Lawrence sets out a comprehensive general theory of leadership. He describes good leadership as he sees it as well as the potential for bad leadership.

He outlines a scientific framework, which is grounded in evolutionary biology, that helps thinking about leadership successes and failures throughout history and how it is possible to see humanity’s need for better leadership going forward. The framework provides a way to understand the elements of leadership that give insights into events from the past and into new situations as they develop.

The book provides insights which are helpful to leaders in all situations with a theory on the evolution of leadership which illustrates how the human brain can produce effective and ineffective leadership.

The author draws on the latest research in evolution and human behavior and applies these scientific principles to leadership. The result is the understanding that leadership of all types and varieties is a fundamental component of human nature. That leadership can be good, bad, or simply misguided in its intention, role, and application.

Through this deeper realization of the human brain and its interaction with leadership, Paul Lawrence describes decision making and intent as being improvable and that good leadership skills and motivations can be learned and applied in the real world. The author describes the drives that influence leadership.

Published by Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-0-470-62384-8. £28.99