Book News: March 28th, 2013

Dennis Lock believes that project management depends largely on common sense and a logical, systematic approach. But he argues that it is necessary also to acquire some special skills to organize, schedule and control a project so that it produces the result that everyone wants.

Naked Project Management is an introductory guide to the world of project management from one of the world’s most accomplished project management authors. Lock has stripped project management down to its bare facts – simplifying everything but trivializing nothing. So there is sound practical advice here on how to organize and manage a small or medium sized project.

He explains and illustrates those skills in pragmatic and jargon-free terms. An entertaining case study runs through the chapters and the book covers all the vital topics in astonishingly few words. Naked Project Management is an essential primer for students and managers who need to understand how small projects should be managed, but without necessarily becoming permanent project managers themselves.

The book is written in the direct jargon-free style that has become Dennis Lock’s hallmark. Everything is carefully explained and supported with clear diagrams. It covers all the essential aspect of project management using astonishingly few words.

Published by Gower. ISBN: 978-1-4094-6105-0. £11.69