Book News: April 11th, 2013

Every day, millions of professionals around the world discuss strategy, and they assume that everyone else in the room defines “strategy” the same way. But they don’t. Howell J. Malham Jr. has created a witty, simply designed, illustrated book that goes straight to the heart of the issue.

Through the largely facetious dialog of two line drawn colorful characters, this clever, irreverent book seeks to get everyone in the room on the same page using the same definitions for the same words. This is a crucial first step to any business proposition, yet it is often the most overlooked.

This is an open and visual book that defines the most over-used (and least understood) business term: strategy.
It is produced in a wry style an offers an inventive take on a common management problem.

At a time when organisations in general are groping in the dark for new solutions to persistent problems, this book is a breath of fresh air, reminding readers that they have to build a foundation before they can scale the walls.

Published by Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-1-1184-8420-3. £15.99