Book News: June 11th, 2013


In this book Derek Salkeld  presents insights into the key elements of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Risk and opportunity are inherent in projects and yet, whilst many organizations invest heavily in project management methodologies and processes in the hope of ensuring delivery on time and on budget, project sponsors, project board members or managers do not see that the root cause of the problem of overspend and late completion could be that their projects were underestimated in the first place.

Often the techniques used to calculate the funding and time scales required are inadequate, because they failed to take properly into account the potential effects of risk and opportunity. The approach taken in Project Risk Analysis is to show and explain how risk and opportunity in a project will affect its funding requirement and its time scales, and how the understanding of this can be used to devise management controls that will benefit both the investor and the project manager.

The author explains the approach to calculating the funding required for a simple project using risk based methods to generate answers that are more informative than traditional estimating. He also describes how to apply the techniques to support and investment decisions for a major project.

Published by Gower. ISBN 978-0-566-09186-5. £70.00