Features: September 6th, 2002

Allowing a mobile workforce to access corporate databases was a problem solved many years ago with laptop computers, but an innovative and cheaper option has been developed in New Zealand. Council employees, equipped only with mobile phones, use text messaging to request and receive the data they need. This case study describes how a mobile data server provides the technology and the benefits the system delivers.


Features: September 5th, 2002

By Richard Veryard. Reproduced by permission of the Public Management and Policy Association. The term ‘joining up’ public services severely underestimates the magnitude and complexity of the task. The author outlines some of the important requirements for meeting the challenge of ‘joining up’ services. He looks at the effect of changing relationships between organizations, resisting the temptation to impose solutions, and using technology as a bridge between users and systems. The core of joined up services is about connections between people, both inside and outside government.

The Use of the balanced Scorecard as a Performance Management Framework

Features: June 9th, 2000

Over the last few years, organisations in the public sector have experienced continual and rapid change. With an increasing emphasis on Best Value, organisations have had to look at new and creative ways of working to ensure the delivery of high quality services to the customer.

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