: May 8th, 2017

Ealing Hammersmith and West London’s College, one of the largest in the country, which was rated by Ofsted as inadequate less than two years ago has celebrated its turnaround by winning the prestigious TES FE Award for its innovative work. The college has received a good rating from Ofsted, which makes it one of the most spectacular turnarounds in the sector in recent years
The Ofsted report shows that the leadership team have reinvigorated the college and since 2014, there has been a 17.3% increase in students’ English and maths achievement and a 12% rise in achievement across all subjects.

Ofsted highlighted the college’s leadership and learning for special mention, stating in the report that leaders and managers had “successfully reversed the decline in standards”, and that the college’s chief executive officer had been “instrumental in driving the substantial improvements in the quality of the provision and in the college’s finances,” helping ensure a “secure and sustainable future for the college.”

The report also noted the “extensive investment in improving teachers’ teaching and learning skills” which had “directly led to improved teaching and learning, and better outcomes.” And that the college was now the “strategic partner of choice for significant business and community projects in London.”

Garry Phillips, CEO, of the College, said: “I am incredibly proud of what the team and the students have achieved. We knew that the only way to transform the college quickly would be to have an unwavering focus on improving outcomes for students. We have focused on providing courses which lead directly to employment or progression into further learning. We also created a strong working culture for staff at the college, training and incentivising staff and providing them with an environment where they can develop engaging learning materials. This inspection result is a testament to the staff’s dedication, professionalism, passion and ambition.”