Features: November 2nd, 2012

As a growing number of educators turn to Apple’s iPad to support teaching and training in the classroom, a new app for iPad classroom management is now available from Netop.

The company, headquartered in Denmark, has announced a new free app called Vision Mobile, which allows teachers to use an iPad to control and access educational resources on a desktop PC. This provides a teacher with more flexibility and choice as to how they structure and present their lessons as they can move around the classroom, using the iPad to control the PC.

There are already 26 UK establishments trialing the app, which enables teachers and trainers to move freely around the classroom as they make presentations, provide individual students with guidance and access content to support instruction. If staff are teaching in the school library or multi-purpose room or even in a staff meeting, they can quickly and easily find any resources they need with a swipe and tap on their iPad. When used in combination with Netop Vision or Netop Vision Pro classroom management software, teachers are also able to actively manage and monitor individual student computers, wherever they are in range.

Like an iPad, the Vision Mobile touch-screen lets teachers navigate with the familiar and intuitive iPad gestures: tap, swipe, flick, pinch open and pinch close. It also puts standard desktop controls at their fingertips: drag and drop, full keyboard, hot keys and right/left mouse button control. When combined with the classroom management software, it provides full iPad classroom management functionality as well as highly reliable connectivity and the highest levels of security.

“As schools explore the potential that tablets, such as iPad, have for improving the learning experience, Netop Vision Mobile transforms the devices into powerful classroom management and instructional tools for teachers,” said Kurt Bager, CEO, Netop. “With the download of our app, a teacher with an iPad and a PC is now teaching in a connected learning environment, with the full complement of teaching resources from the PC available at a quick tap wherever in the classroom or school they may be.”