Abstracts: December 8th, 2008

A report from IMC (UK) Learning Ltd. shows that public sector organisations are leading their private sector counterparts in the uptake of eLearning tools and instruments. Research revealed that more than 80 per cent of respondents from the public sector said their organisation is using bespoke eLearning content, with 67 per cent using eLearning authoring tools and 65 per cent using learning management systems. The corresponding figures for the private sector were 58 per cent, 44 per cent and 46 per cent.

There was also a marked contrast in the use of audio visual content with 59 per cent usage in public sector organisations, compared to 44 per cent in the private sector. The difference was maintained with web based training 59 per cent compared to 43 per cent and for the use of podcasts the comparison was 20 per cent to 8 per cent.

The report also reveals that a digital divide has emerged between the worlds of education and of work. Tools and portable devices such as podcasts, iPods and PlayStation Portables, as well as the Internet, are already a set fixture in the education system. But organisations are only adopting these tools slowly to engage and motivate their employees in their training programmes.

The report is available by email from IMC. jonathan.bawden@portfoliocomms.com