Headlines: April 27th, 1997

Health Minister Paul Boateng says new consultation with carers will see their
concerns voiced at the heart of Government.

He is leading preparations for the first National Carers’ Strategy.
Consultation will contribute to the shaping of the strategy, which should be
ready for a further review by interested parties in early 1999.

Mr Boateng said: “Carers have a wide range of needs – as diverse as those of
the people they care for.We are committed to involving carers’ organisations, carers themselves, people who receive care, the statutory services, and people from industry and commerce in our work. We want ideas, views and examples of good local practice from any organisation or anyone with an interest in the needs of carers.

“Carers want to know that their special needs are recognised. This initiative
gives carers a voice at the heart of Government.”

Working groups are being set up covering four areas of concern for carers:
respite care; employment; community networks; and meeting health needs.

The terms of reference for the strategy are to: assess whether any key needs of
carers have been overlooked; to clarify the Government’s objectives for carers;
and to set out an integrated strategy for future action by Government.

Examples of good practice in meeting the needs of carers should be sent to:
Carers Strategy Project, Room 211, Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Road, LONDON SE1 8UG.