Headlines: August 13th, 1997

The Nolan Committee are to check out progress on implementing their first two reports. The bodies concerned include:

  • National executive non departmental public bodies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Further and higher education institutions (including universities)
  • Grant maintained schools
  • Housing associations
  • Training and Enterprise Councils
  • Local Enterprise Companies

Commenting on the review, Lord Nolan, Chairman of the committee, said: “As a standing committee, we are able to return to issues that we have examined to check on progress. We have always made it clear that it would be our intention to do so. Having now completed three substantial reports, we believe that the time is right to embark on such a programme of review.

In the first stage of that review we will be looking at the quangos and NHS bodies that we covered as part of our first report, and the local public spending bodies which featured in our second report. We will want to know the extent to which the bodies themselves, their regulatory bodies and the government have implemented our recommendations; whether the measures taken have adequately addressed matters of standards and ethic in those bodies; and whether there are areas where the implementation of our recommendations has posed problems.”

The review is being conducted through a series of questionnaires that are being sent to those responsible for implementing the Committee’s recommendations. The questionnaires take as their starting point the Committee’s recommendations and the government’s formal response, and seek to determine the extent to which practice has been modified in the light of them.

The Committee is also seeking views from other relevant bodies and would welcome contributions from others who may wish to comment. The deadline for contributions is Friday 12 September 1997. The report will be issued towards the end of October.