Headlines: August 29th, 1997

The Inland Revenue has launched a web site designed for those affected by self assessment. These include mainly self-employed people, high-rate taxpayers, directors, business partnerships, employers and tax advisers. There are 500 pages of advice, but relevant information can be accessed quickly and easily.The new site can be accessed on www.open.gov.uk/inrev/sa/ It includes background information about self assessment:-

  • what’s different
  • who it affects
  • what records they need to keep
  • the key dates to remember.

Taxpayers can also access the new-style tax return and guidance notes as well as the electronic (disk based) version of the tax return. And for help and advice they can click on the help button which includes useful tips, telephone numbers and a glossary of some of the terms which appear on the site.

Speaking about the new site Dawn Primarolo, Financial Secretary to the Treasury said: “Research shows that access to the Internet is higher among self assessment taxpayers than for the general population. This new site is a good way of targeting information in a user friendly way.”

The site was developed by the Inland Revenue in association with a `new media’ advertising agency, DNA Communications Limited and the Central Office of Information (COI). The Web site is served from the Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) Government Information Service Web server.