Headlines: September 18th, 1997

Burglaries in Huddersfield have been cut by one third and theft from vehicles by one fifth. This crimebusting success has been achieved through a partnership between West Yorkshire police, Kirklees Council, Victim Support and Huddersfield University.The scheme, which was led the police and the council, was based on a graded response for victims of crime to prevent them from becoming victims again. Each response, which was labelled bronze, silver or gold, involved a sliding scale of extra police patrols or the installation of various security measures depending on whether people were first time or repeat victims.

Revealing the results Home Office Minister Alun Michael said: “The Huddersfield scheme has shown the kind of outstanding success which can be achieved when agencies get together with local people to tackle local problems. The proof is in the partnership between the police, the council, Victim Support and the university.”

He added that: “‘The police would be the first to admit that they cannot fight crime on their own. What is needed is a joint approach to – and joint responsibility for – crime prevention.”

A further benefit from the scheme is increased public satisfaction with crime prevention.