Headlines: November 12th, 1997

Partnership between police forces, police authorities and local authorities will give the best results in tackling crime and disorder. This was the theme of a speech by Dr Ruth Henig, chair of the Association of Police Authorities, speaking at a conference arranged jointly with the Home Office.She explained that through a consultation process involving local authorities, the constabulary, charge payers, local interest groups, racial equality councils, neighbourhood groups, tenants’ forums and community safety groups the APA had discovered the concerns about community safety. They had also identified the issues that must be addressed to deal properly with those concerns.

The Association which was founded in April this year is taking forward this work and has set up six policy panels to focus in depth on these major issues to work with other bodies to reduce crime, to spread best practice, promote value for money and improve efficiency. The six groups will look at:

  • performance management/quality control
  • finance – income generation and the pensions problem
  • personnel – training and disciplinary issues
  • operational issues, including traffic matters, criminal investigations and public order strategies
  • community safety
  • youth justice and drugs, tackling the problems of drugs and young offenders.

Dr Henig said: These six panels will enable us to bring together all the excellent work going on at local level and to build on it to the benefit of our local communities.