Headlines: January 20th, 1998

Housing Minister Hilary Armstrong wants to add to the expertise of the Housing Corporation by recruiting a new member to bring further knowledge and experience of the assessment and regulation of financial risk to the Board. The Housing Corporation is responsible for registering, regulating and promoting the proper performance of non-profit making registered social landlords, mainly housing associations in England. It also provides funding for registered social landlords through its Approved Development Programme.Announcing the search for financial risk expert, Hilary Armstrong said: “This is a challenge for someone with an interest in helping to provide decent homes for those in need. The Housing Corporation has responsibility for protecting the substantial sums it invests in social housing each year. I am looking for a Board member who can help the Corporation achieve those key objectives.” The successful candidate will be expected to apply this expertise to the Corporation’s supervision of a fast growing sector of increasingly diverse types of landlord.

The time commitment for the post is about four to five days a month. The current remuneration of Housing Corporation Board members is £9,972 per annum.