Headlines: January 26th, 1998

The launch of UK NetYear, a major public-private sector initiative, will boost the National Grid for Learning. The Grid will be a mosaic of inter-connecting network and education services based on the Internet which will support teaching, learning, training and administration in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, the workplace and homes. NetYear is designed to help schools obtain and use modern information and communications technology for teaching and learning.Although Britain leads the world in equipping schools with information technology, there is still a large gap between the current levels of information technology in schools and the requirements to make the National Grid work. UK NetYear will, with other initiatives, play an important part in transforming the vision into a reality.

Education Minister Dr Howells said: UK NetYear aims to help teachers make effective use of Internet resources. This initiative will, by assisting schools to become Internet aware, and providing training, play an important role in realising the government’s plans to have all schools, colleges and universities connected to the National Grid for Learning by 2002.