Headlines: April 15th, 1998

The Office of Public Service has achieved Investor in People status which is the national standard for effective investment in the training and development of people in order to achieve organisational goals. The Government is committed to a target that by the year 2000 all civil servants will be employed in organisations recognised as Investors in People. The newly acquired status will give added weight to the OPS in its role of promoting the importance of IIP across Government.IiP status is given to organisations demonstrating a planned approach to setting and communicating organisational goals, developing people to meet those goals and measuring the impact of developments. The approach is designed to lead to a culture of continuous business improvement.

Robin Mountfield, Permanent Secretary of the Office of Public Service, said: “This independent confirmation that we have highly motivated, staff with a clear sense of their role and purpose, committed to doing their best for the Cabinet Office, is splendid news. I am very proud of our achievement together. But I have always said that IIP will not be just a plaque on the wall for us. It is a milestone on our journey of continuing modernisation of our systems and our communications.”

Examples of the OPS approach to training and development include:

  • lunchtime seminars for senior staff, part timers, secretaries on such subjects as time management, leadership, upward appraisal, giving staff the opportunity to update their knowledge and to network and learn from each other in the process,
  • the introduction of a learning resource centre – with tapes, videos, management texts to enable staff to deepen their understanding of the issues facing the department and to develop their skills in their own time
  • support to staff seeking to improve their professional qualifications in line with the department’s needs
  • mid year reviews of personal and divisional performance to ensure that business objectives are being met
  • focus group meetings and away days which lead to improvements in activities and processes to ensure they give maximum value to the Department.