Headlines: April 27th, 1998

The Department for Education and Employment is taking a corporate approach to the development and presentation of strategy by creating a Strategy and Communications Directorate. By bringing the two areas together, the Department will ensure that policy development and presentation across the Department is coherent, consistent and effective, and that its partners, customers and the public have the best possible access to information about its work. The new Directorate will, for the first time in Whitehall, bring together long-term strategic planning and the whole range of external communications – press, publicity, speeches and briefing.Peter Wanless, formerly Head of Policy at the Treasury’s Private Finance taskforce, will head the Directorate. Julia Simpson, currently Assistant Chief Executive (Quality and Communications) at Camden London Borough, will be the Secretary of State’s official spokeswoman and lead the Press Office.

Peter Wanless said: “Our Ministers want the DfEE to be a model Department for the new century: strategic, visionary, integrated, open and innovative, focused with others elsewhere in Government and beyond, on achieving the Government’s priority goals. The new Directorate has a central role to play in achieving this.”