Headlines: May 6th, 1998

Ideas for delivering better public services and expertise in putting them into practice are being exported to Europe and the rest of the world. The ideas and expertise span across health strategy, finance, organisational performance and training.The European Commission plans for a community-wide framework to improve public health mirror Britain’s new public health strategy. Tackling health inequalities and promoting action across the whole range of Government responsibilities is an approach breaking new ground in Europe. Tessa Jowell, Minister for Public Health, said: “Britain is now at last leading the way and helping shape the agenda in Europe – and nowhere is this more evident than in public health. Our experience in Britain in implementing this challenging new agenda means we will be in a position to spearhead and help shape the drive to deliver a similar Europe-wide agenda.”

Both Governments and financial interests world wide are showing interest in the Public Finance Initiative. Geoffrey Robinson, the Paymaster General, believes that the PFI will become an export industry for all those concerned with implementing over £8b worth of projects. His Department is regularly receiving requests for information from Europe, Middle East, Far East, South America and China. European interest is likely to increase with the advent of the Euro as member states seek ways to keep within the Maastrict public expenditure criteria.

Other recent export developments include becnhmarking, using the Business Excellence Model and training of South African officials by the Civil Service College.