Headlines: June 4th, 1998

Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam has outlined the next steps in the peace process. The elections to the new Northern Ireland Assembly will take place on 25 June, with the nominations closing at 4.00pm this Wednesday 3 June. Powers will be transferred to the new Assembly in early 1999. The aim is to establish the North/South Ministerial Council, agreed implementation bodies, the British-Irish Council and the British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference at the same time.

She promised that the Good Friday agreement, over-whelmingly backed by the people of Ireland, would be implemented in all its parts, not ‘cherry-picked’. She re-iterated the requirement for an unequivocal commitment to an end to violence on the part of republicans and loyalists alike, an end to targeting and procurement of weapons and the progressive abandonment and dismantling of paramilitary structures actively directing and promoting violence. She called for full co-operation with the Independent Commission on decommissionin