Headlines: June 8th, 1998

An e-mail service bringing news, feature articles and pointers to other sources of information is launched today. The new service, Publicnet Briefing, complements the well-established Publicnet web site, visited regularly by people across the world interested in the governance and management of public services.

News editor Caroline Wilson said: “Our stories will cover the big issues challenging public sector managers. We will focus on the important developments, and particularly on moves to encourage managers to work across traditional boundaries of central and local government and the health service.”

Professor Paul Corrigan, features editor said: “Radical change in the way public services are organised and run is set to continue. Our features will bring the experience of people making change happen as well as the views of those who are looking into the future.

A unique feature of Publicnet Briefing is that it integrates e-mail with the web site and presents a seamless system to users. The e-mail provides a briefing for the day and the full text of feature articles can be viewed on the web site. The new system has been with support from the NHS Executive and the Central IT Unit in the Cabinet Office. A direct link has been installed from
NHSNet to Publicnet and a similar link from the Government Secure Intranet will be available shortly.

A full description of Publicnet Briefing, including subscription charges, can be seen on the ‘About’ page of Publicnet www.publicnet.co.uk