Headlines: June 10th, 1998

European Ministers have agreed a draft for consultation on how countries could work together in the future over development issues.

The European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) is an intergovernmental initiative looking at demographic, economic and environmental trends that will affect future development in Europe. It is also pledged to foster common approaches to shared problems and opportunities through an integrated approach across all policy sectors.

Richard Caborn, Minister for the Regions, Regeneration and Planning, said co-operation between countries and disciplines was vital to the success of the project: “If the Member States of the EU can help each other on this through the exchange of experience, then the EU itself is working to serve the citizen. This is in line with the Prime Minister’s aim of creating a People’s Europe.”

He also said it would be important to present the content of the bureacracti c-sounding document in an accessible way to the public, to demonstrate to citizens how co-ordination of such issues were one of the key benefits of EU membership.

The European Commission is organising seminars on the ESDP. Details from Eric Dufeil,
Tel 00 322 296 0490.