Headlines: June 19th, 1998

Eastenders star ‘Dot Cotton’ joined representatives from council, health and voluntary services in London for the launch of a pilot scheme to improve services for older people.

Hackney is one of 28 local authorities across the UK taking part in the Government’s Better Government for Older People programme to improve public services by making them more user-friendly, give older people a voice and recognise the contribution they make to society.

As part of the Hackney pilot, the council is to set up a “council of elders” to act as a consultative forum on developing services for older people. Public Service Minister Peter Kilfoyle said: “Initiatives such as the Hackney 2000 project will make a real difference to the lives of older people in Hackney and elsewhere.”

“This programme has generated a huge amount of interest and enthusiasm and I know that all the pilots selected were up against some stiff competition.”

The Better Government for Older People programme is part of the Better Government initiative: a White Paper will be published later in the year. The aim of the programme is to improve public services for older people by better meeting their needs, listening to their views, and encouraging and recognising their contribution.