Headlines: June 23rd, 1998

Doubts have been cast over methods used by the Government to target Britain’s worst housing estates.

The Institute of Public Policy Research says millions of pounds could be being targeted at London’s less deprived council estates when much worse private, or privately rented, properties in the provinces are ignored.

And black and Asian Britons miss out as a result as they are much less likely to live in council properties, especially if based outside London.

The IPPR says research to find Britain’s worst housing estates to target for improvement has used a rule that to qualify, such areas must contain at least 50 per cent council housing.

Peter Lee, co-author of the report said: ‘Government policies are not sufficiently attuned to the different housing market experience of the ethnic population. A more valued approach would be to use levels of household poverty rather than relying on the type of tenure.

The Government was also urged to have a more long-sighted view in its attempt to answer the problems of social exclusion.

The IPPR findings are documented in its journal New Economy. To obtain a copy call 01865 244083.