Headlines: June 23rd, 1998

The Government says its own departments and local government must work harder to make life easier for small businesses.

Small Firms Minister Barbara Roche says she wants regulatory systems more transparent, accessible and business friendly. She has set out the Government’s commitment to small businesses in a new report on efforts in this sector, Action Update.

She said: “It is important that we must look to the future, and not rest on our achievements. I want to help build a culture of enterprise – where innovators and risk takers are encouraged. A dynamic small firms sector is fundamental to the Government’s competitiveness agenda.”

The Government is pointing to the changes it has introduced over the last months to make running a small business easier.

These include making regulations more straightforward and compliance with them easier to achieve, on the advice of a taskforce with half of its membership drawn from the small business sector.

Small firms have also been given rights to claim interest on late paid bills as part of a bigger partnership exercise with business to change Britain’s attitude to bill payment.