Headlines: June 24th, 1998

The Local Government Association is moving to deliver Labour’s hopes of IT as the solution to the communication challenges ahead. It has awarded a contract to BT to develop an advanced information service to improve communications between the association, local councils and the public.

The LGA represents more than 500 local authorities serving more than 50 million people.

LGAnet, as the network is called, involves a sophisticated Intranet, Extranet and Internet service. It will be launched at the LGA’s annual conference in Bournemouth on Tuesday 7 July, which is being attended by 1,200 councillors and officers.

BT’s Phil McKinder said: “We have worked very closely with the LGA to ensure that LGAnet will enable substantial improvements to the organisation’s information management, offering cost and efficiency gains at the same time.”

The most innovative part of the new service for its local authority members will be the Extranet. This aims to offer a secure area for the communications between the LGA and its members. It will also include a controlled repository for LGA publications such as circulars, reports and committee papers.